It’s one thing attracting visitors to your website but are you converting them to customers once they get there? 

We know how hard it is to get visitors to your website and once you’ve got them there you don’t want them to leave before you either:

  1. Capture their details (with permission for you to send marketing communications)
  2. Buy your products or services

In our last blog we talked about your website being benefits focused rather than features focused, which is the first step of converting visitors to customers but there’s more that can be done including:

  1. Create A Lead Magnet
  2. Utliise Compelling Call To Action’s
  3. Increase Stickiness
  4. Post Customer Testimonials
  5. Add Live Chat

Create A Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet is something that you give to your website visitors in exchange for their contact details and permission to market to them.  It can be things like a discount code, eBooks, whitepapers, product samples, ‘how to’ guides or other exclusive content.  The aim is to make the lead magnet irresistible so that website visitors don’t leave without signing up.

Utilise Compelling Call To Action’s

A Call To Action otherwise known as a CTA is a prompt to make potential buyers to take action.  Such as ‘sign up’ ‘buy now’ ‘download’. A CTA is there to give website visitors clear next steps.  Without a clear CTA potential customers may leave your website without taking any action.

Increase Stickiness

What does’ increase stickiness’ even mean? Making your website ‘sticky’ means the content and design entices website visitors to hang around longer or return in future. Good navigation, strong, clear copy, relevant content, clear CTA’s are some examples of how you can make your website sticky.

Post Customer Testimonials

Potential buyers always like to know what other customers had to say about your product or service.  You might want to create a testimonials page or add them to relevant parts of your website.

Live Chat

If your website lends itself to a live chat function, then aim to implement this feature and have someone on hand to respond to questions and conversations.  If a potential customer is unsure about your product or service or has questions, then this can be a great way to ensure they don’t abandon their potential sale.

There’s many other ways to convert website visitors to customers and if you’d like to find out how Visible Thoughts can help your business, simply book a ‘Make My Business Visible’ call.

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