Finding what makes you unique.

Here we are with our new website and the first blog I’m writing is not about Graphic Design, it’s not about Marketing and it’s not even about business growth – oh no, it’s about coffee! More specifically it is about the coffee related images that pop-up around our website.

Special places and special events usually involve sitting down and enjoying coffee in good company.

- Pierre Blanch, Les Coches, Paradaski, French Alps.


This uniqueness and character is something we look for in our clients. We spend a lot of time chatting, especially with new clients, to find out what makes them different. More often than not this is over a cup of coffee, tea or anything else that you as an individual prefer.

We are all inherently different and unique but society dictates that we should all conform to the norm. We should follow trends and fashions. We should all buy from a pool of identical items which are mass produced, keeping productivity costs to a minimum and if they are “fashionable” will become financially lucrative. However if you take the time to look at people, businesses and products and truly look closely without prejudice or preconceived ideas you will find that they are truly unique. And, by definition, if you are unique you stand out from the crowd and if you stand out from the crowd you are more likely to attract attention from prospective customers. You don’t need to be loud and whacky or anything amazingly different, just different. This search for uniqueness in our clients is what in turn makes us unique as an agency. After all the work we do with you should be about you and for your benefit

Even a bike ride is a chance to enjoy time and a coffee with friends.

— Nostell Priory

What about the pictures!

So what about the pictures! Well, we like coffee and more often than not when we go somewhere and do something we stop for our favourite drink. The pictures, well they are of cups of coffee in places we have been while doing things we have enjoyed. So every cup is tied to a memory that we want to keep. To the casual viewer it’s a cup of coffee in a random picture but to us it’s the cup of coffee we had at the end of a great days skiing with the family in the French Alps. To us they are unique experiences but to the casual observer they are pictures of cups of coffee on a mountainside.

It may be a strange idea but to us it’s a unique way of remembering the things we have done and the places we have been with friends and family. Maybe we are a little odd or maybe just a little unique!