Website Design

Every business should have a Website or eCommerce Website, period!

Well, that’s not actually the case. We have seen a lot of websites over the years that didn’t actually serve a purpose. This is not our approach, if you come to us and ask for a website the first thing we look to find out is why! Every website needs to have a purpose and if you don’t identify that purpose before the specification and build has started the effectiveness of the site is vastly diminished. If your website isn’t going to make you more money then go and spend your budget on something that will.

Start by looking at your Brand Identity.

Our websites are never a starting place for a business. Too often we see websites that were the first item of marketing collateral for a business, which resulted in no Brand Identity, a logo which was quickly “knocked up” by a developer and content that does not reflect the ethos of the business or product.

If you are a new business we would always recommend starting with a Brand Identity exercise, to get to know your business before identifying how you should approach your marketing. If a website is part of that plan then it should adhere to the Brand Identity Guidelines, as should all other materials.

eCommerce should be part of your business process.

With our eCommerce websites we always look to integrate it with your office processes or help you build new processes that that support your new business tool. This can include help with banking and taking payments as well as integrating with your couriers to help you and your customers to track deliveries.

Finally, every website needs looking after and nurturing. As your business grows and changes so does the story which is told by your website. To this end we work closely to make sure that all the technical aspects of the site are kept up to date, as is the content. We can help with blogs as well as page updates and if you want to take control of your content then all our systems are built with an effective CMS, so we are happy for you to do day to day updates yourself with our training and assistance.

We are always happy to sit down and answer your questions at any time, just get in touch and we will supply the coffee.