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Background: Harrys’ Bar is the leading real ale pub in the centre of Wakefield, West Yorkshire and was hit by the Covid-19 crisis in the same way as all pubs throughout the country at that time. Rather than simply remain closed the team at Harry’s looked for a way to help not just themselves but the local micro breweries that supply them, by taking Pub websites to a new level and using it to bring Harry’s Bar to your home.

Needs: The project kicked off in the run up to Christmas of 2020 and as such had a tight deadline to hit their prime period for selling cases,casks and gifts to cover the Christmas period. With the long term in mind, the website needed to be scalable and also capable of supporting a community where customers could come along to online events, tastings and generally learn more about craft beers from around the world. Stage 1 was to get the shop up and running in time for Christmas.

Solution: We worked closely with the team at Harrys’ Bar to identify what products would be appropriate, how they could be brought together in to gift packs and how customers could order mixed cases of specific beers that meet their needs. In addition the team worked with the micro breweries to help them move their existing stock, so the site had to be flexible enough to adapt to the ever changing range of products. We chose to use WooCommerce and WordPress to allow maximum flexibility and ensure that we could train the team to create and manage their own products and orders in the minimum amount of time possible.

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