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Background: Rucklidge Law is a well established Family Law Firm based between Leeds and York. They came to us asking for Solicitors Website that focused on the compassion that they give when dealing with Families at a stressful time like Divorce and Breakup. Website Design for Solicitors can sometimes become be too legal and lack compassion.

Need: Website Design for Solicitors can often be dry and factual with buckets full of legal jargon. Not what you need when you are going through a family crisis, divorce or legal separation. We were asked to build a Lawyers Website that was soft and approachable while still being packed with all the relevant information that would enable you to make a reasoned decision to work with the Team at Rucklidge Law.

Solution: We worked closely with Angie Downs from Halo Effect Marketing who looks after Marketing for Rucklidge Law. This allowed us to build a site that was more focused on reflecting the compassion the practice gives while still demonstrating the professionalism and knowledge of the team.

Testimonial: “I was immediately impressed with the website design ideas provided by Visible Thoughts. The design matched my brief and exceeded expectations. I found the working process with Visible Thoughts to be well managed, well explained and intuitive to my needs. Visible Thoughts were good value, communicative, efficient throughout the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for anyone wanting a new or improved website.”

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