The Grove Hall

Exclusively yours… The Grove Hall is the perfect venue for your Wedding, Celebration or Business Conference, with bespoke packages available to cater for your every need.

Situated in the heart of South Kirkby, the venue has a lot of history and is well established in the local area.

Visiting the venue, it quickly became apparent how passionate they were about the work they do and the versatility of the venue was one thing that stood out for us.

Briefed with producing new branding to suit their varied occasions, we needed a flexible solution that brought the venue up market, whilst still holding onto the traditional roots.

In the beautiful grounds an old pit wheel stands proud, reminiscent of the mining heritage of the town. It would have been rude to ignore it.

Putting the wheels into motion, we developed various concepts, eventually producing a logo and marketing materials such as business cards and presentation folders, to show people what the venue is all about.

It was fantastic to express the communities’ links to the mining industry of old. Though contemporary in many ways, we held onto the tradition that they were so passionate about.

The relationship we built with The Grove Hall still remains strong and we have been lucky enough to be approached to produce marketing materials for their New Years Eve events for the last 2 years.

Testimonial: “Brilliant work! I would definitely recommend!”

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