YAYO Familia

YAYO Familia produce innovative, premium tattoo aftercare products with an ethical approach.

The brand was already well established and so the existing products had a well-defined, consistent look, with just the name and colour scheme changing from one product to the next. For the limited edition products, they wanted a fresh approach, something to distinguish these exciting new products from the regular products that are always available.

One big change was the shift away from using black pots; this was the first glimpse of how different the approach would be for the new products. We produced bespoke vector illustrations which reflected the ingredients of each new product, introducing lots of colour to ensure the products looked fresh and enticing, but could still be instantly recognised as a YAYO product.

Working with YAYO Familia on a regular basis we have produced various marketing materials including roller banners for their sponsored artists, business cards and various leaflets. We also designed the packaging for YAYO Guard; a protective tattoo healing film to keep fresh tattoos germ free.


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