Like going back in time!

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Design, Marketing

“Could power be the biggest single point of failure”

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Theoretical Physicist

“If time travel is possible, where are all the tourists from the future?”

Like stepping back in time.

I’m full of cold, well it’s actually man flu. Today will be a work from home day. That was the plan until 9:30 when the electricity went off, but it will be back by 11:30 according to Powergrid.

We live out in the sticks but not the ends of the earth. Half a mile to an A road and 2 miles to the nearest shop. The broadband speed isn’t up to much and the phone signal could be better but, like I say, it’s not the ends of the earth.

It’s now half past one and very quiet, not even the sound of the fridge compressor keeping the milk cold. A few emails drop in to my phone as it picks up a 4G signal when the wind is in the right direction. I’ve made the odd crackly phone call and received the odd text including another from Powergrid saying that everything will be sorted by 15:30, but they said the same about 11:30.

PAgeSpeed Graphic

Making a cup of coffee like you used to do when you went camping as a kid.

Time for Coffee.

It’s time to boil a pan of water on the gas stove, which fortunately still works, although I do have to light it with a match. It’s a bad day when the height of entertainment is making a cup of coffee like you used to do when you went camping as a kid.

We spend a lot of time interconnecting our technologies these days. Websites, social media, data and apps in the cloud, 99.999% uptime, server availability and resilience. Getting your targeted message to your target audience, wherever they are at any time of the day or night. Billions of pounds, dollars and other currencies are invested in making this all happen, in our here and now world. But not for me, not today.

An old fashioned book full of new ideas.

I’ve written this blog with a pen in my notebook, which is a bit of a contradiction in terms and certainly a bit old school, but my laptop went flat hours ago. So instead of me clicking a button and this text being whisked into cyber space for you to be able to read in a few seconds from now, you’ll just have to wait until I get chance to type it up and post it. You see printed material still has its place and we can help you design it.

Till then best wishes from a relaxed 1972, North Yorkshire. (Flares not compulsory)

“No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”


Oscar Wilde

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