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Make your business recognisable

We have a passion for working with businesses that are as passionate about their products and services, as we are about ours. The way you represent your business through Graphic Design is always a good place to start.

Because your image is so important to portray your values and ethics it needs to be handled with care and consistency. Not only do we look carefully at your target market, but consider where you are likely to come in contact with them and how we can drive them to your business. Graphic Design needs to be productive and not just pretty. Because we have a business development background we know how important it is to make everything count towards bringing you customers. With this in mind we focus on making sure your designs have effective content, but also how you should use them. Oh, and they always look great too.

All our Graphic Design work is produced to portray your business in a consistent way. If you have brand Identity Guidelines we will always work within them. If you have not considered looking at your Brand Identity and how it can help you business then we are happy to have a chat about that too.

How we do things



At Visible Thoughts our designs are very much process driven. Which in plain English means we look at the end goal, decide how you are going to use your products and we then design effective material that delivers.


Effective design is our passion and sharing that passion with our customers is what we are all about. We believe design should be about an effective business message, not just pretty pictures.


Our effective process leads to a great final product, showcasing your business in the best light possible. The delivery of the final product will help you to successfully establish your brand in the market place and get long lasting results from your marketing.

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