Brochure Design

Tell your story.

And so your story begins…

We all have a story to tell and that’s exactly what we like to do for our clients when they ask us to look at a  brochure design for them. More often than not when someone picks up one of your brochures they are looking to find out how you can help them change their lives or business. We like to focus on this rather than what you do. After all, people will be looking to buy the results that your product and services bring not the product it’s self.

By telling people about the positive results you have brought to your customers, you are more likely to engage with them, hence why we consider them as a key factor in your in your brochure design and helps build your Brand.

Brochure design based on stories

For millennia we have had stories passed down to us about how we should behave or things to avoid. Bible stories and Norse legends, fairytales are all stories of different kinds and as a result our brains are tuned to listen, absorb and retain the information.

We have done this with great success with businesses including our own. If you would like to contact us, we will be more than happy to send you a copy to take a look at. If you can’t wait then take a look at the examples on our “Work we have done” page.

How we do things



At Visible Thoughts our designs are very much process driven. Which in plain English means we look at the end goal, decide how you are going to use your products and we then design effective material that delivers.


Effective design is our passion and sharing that passion with our customers is what we are all about. We believe design should be about an effective business message, not just pretty pictures.


Our effective process leads to a great final product, showcasing your business in the best light possible. The delivery of the final product will help you to successfully establish your brand in the market place and get long lasting results from your marketing.

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