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Get a FREE and objective and Independent view of your website which will highlight areas to improve your website.

So you don’t think that your WordPress website is working as well as it should?

Is my website built on WordPress?

OK, before we go any further we go any further with your FREE, impartial WordPress Website Audit we need to check a few things. We are specialists in building WordPress website, so just to make sure that you are in the right place and we can help you we need to be sure that your website is running on WordPress. If you are not 100% sure then it may be worth doing a quick check. To do this just click on the button below.

I’m not on WordPress!

That’s OK. We are still happy to provide a website audit for you and guidance on how you can improve things, however you won’t be able to work with us to fix things as we are Wordfence Specialists.

Why not just use an automated report?

There are loads of automated tools out there and we use many of them ourselves to create our initial reports. However they are not specifically WordPress Website Audit tools, so the real value comes from being able to interpret those reports and dicide what is the most effective course of action to get your website in top form. Generally speak the online tools will give you a score out of 100 as to how well your website is performing.

Some of the free tools you can use include:

Google Page Speed Insights

Uber Suggest

GT Metrix

Click on the links and give them a go.

Many of the free tools also lack the in-depth analysis, where paid tools can cost £100’s per month to subscribe to which makes it more sense to work with someone like ourselves to not only take the cost burden away but also bring expertise as well.

Why do I need a website health check?

The only constant is change when it comes to your website!

5 Years ago your pride and joy investment in an online presence was the bee’s knees, but now it is more like a Dinosaur covered in dust as nobody visits it. Your once-great rankings are now just a distant memory.

It used to be easy to rank well on Google, a well penned article and some keyword stuffing.

Googles Algorithm is constantly changing with the emphasis on different aspects of your page changing. All thses things together decide how your pages will rank and include:

      • Site and Server Speed
      • Website Responsiveness (How it works on a mobile device)
      • Content Quality
      • Domain and page authority
      • How well the site and code is built
      • How the site is linked internally to take visitors on a journey.
      • The sites structure
      • How other sites link to your site and their quality (Backlinks)

Here are a few questions that are important about your website. A site audit would be useful if you can’t answer at least most of them with Yes.

      • Is every image on your website optimised for dimensions and file size?
      • How quick is your site at loading?
      • What is the sites Time to first byte (TTFB)?
      • Do you have scripts that are blocking the rendering of your pages?
      • Are you taking advantage of Schema markup?
      • Is your site setup to allow Browser Caching
      • Do you have quality backlinks from quality sites? Toxic links can seriously damage your rankings.

If you’re unsure on how to keep your website in tip top condition then we can help you with our WordPress Website Maintenance Packages.

To find out if you are getting the best from your website and if it can be improved then just complete the Audit request form below.

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