Castle Security & Electrical

A Brand Identity for an Electrician – A new business. A blank canvas. Same process. We like to make everything we do as personal and relevant as possible.

Based in Conisborough, in the shadow of the famous castle that inspired the name, we naturally linked the security and strength of the castle walls with their business expertise.

Inspired by an aerial view of the castle, we created a bold ‘C’ shape, holding onto the values that the company held so close. We also incorporated the traditional blue and gold colours from the historical crest as a clue to the heritage of the company.

We were looking to take this Brand Identity for an Electrician as  away from the sterotypical plugs and wires of Electrians that we could and instead embrase the heritage and ethos of the security and foundations of the business.

We produced marketing materials such as flyers, business cards, letterheads and a roller banner to help the company strengthen their brand and presence.

Testimonial: “I can honestly say that the products and service I received throughout the whole design process was an absolute pleasure and of extremely high quality” – Paul Wilson, Director

If you would like to know more the check out out page on how we develope brand identities for our client or check out some of our articles like “Brand Identity the face of your busness” in our blogs section.

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