Emley Agricultural Show

Over 124 years ago somebody had an idea. We don’t know who it was or exactly when it was. We can’t describe it as a vision or an epiphany but it certainly was a great idea.

Set at the foot of the mast, The Emley Show is one of the best attended and well respected days out in Yorkshire’s agricultural calendar.

124 years, 99 shows, thousands of memories and many tales to tell.

The 100th show was on the horizon when we were approached by a member of the committee and asked to produce a programme for the day.

Meeting with John was inspiring, a lever arch file overflowing with old newspaper articles and an iPad filled with his ideas immediately showed us how rich a history the show had and how times had changed since 1893.

Change is inevitable and though the show has moved around and grown over time, that great idea from all those years ago was what the 100th show would be all about.

Captivated by the countless stories of success and struggles, we got to work.

It’s always nice to work with passionate people, but even more useful when you have the co-operation of a fountain of knowledge like John. What he doesn’t know about Emley probably isn’t worth knowing.

Becoming a part of the show for a few weeks reminded us why we do what we do, it’s all about bringing out the best in people and occasions.

The programme was a huge success and so much so that the Visible Thoughts team were John’s guests of honour for the day!

Testimonial: “Thanks for your involvement and for helping to make the show the great event it was.” – Sue Britton, Secretary of Emley Show Society

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