Heather Johnson Home Interiors

Background: When Heather came to us she already had a functioning Interior Design website but needed extensive changes due to the way her business had changed since it was first created with more focus on Kitchen Design and Bedroom Design – every business changes and quite often websites can get left behind.

Needs: Although the look and feel of the website met Heathers needs and branding it was based on a proprietary code base running on WordPress. This meant that we needed to make a large number of changes to the HTML and CSS of the site which was not written by us. This often proves difficult and time consuming. Although this was our initial approach, as the number of changes became more complex we decided to look at taking a more future proof approach.

Solution: We decided to use Divi builder to allow wholesale changes to the content without the need for code reviews. This included updating images and text while maintaining most of the aesthetics of the site. By introducing the Divi Builder it also means that Heather can make updates herself is she should choose. However our Website Maintenance Package, WebCare, can help you take care of keeping your website up to date while avoiding large bills for hefty redevelopment work.

Visit them at www.hjhomeinteriors.co.uk

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