New Moon Nurseries

Needs: Anna originally approached us wanting a brochure to give to parents who were interested in placing their children at New Moon Nursery.

Solution: After discussions with the team at New Moon Nursery it became clear that this was an ideal opportunity to review the whole look and feel of the business. 2019 also sees the 10th Birthday of New Moon Nursery. The brochure was temporarily put on hold while we worked on a new Brand Identity, moving away from their existing cartoon/comic book logo to a cleaner, more contemporary image that still captured the children who are the focus of the nursery.

While we worked on the Brand Identity, Freya Raby Photography took care of capturing the enthusiasm of the Children while they were in the Nursery environment. Quality images make our job a lot easier and is why we work closely with Freya to ensure a quality end result.

With the Brand Identity and quality images taken care of we were able to refocus on the brochure that had originally started the project. We worked closely with Anna and the team at New Moon to identify the reasons that parents would want to leave their children at the Nursery, spelling out the benefits rather than just listing what they do on a day to day basis. By engaging the parents and talking about how they and their child can benefit from being at New Moon we are starting to build that all important relationship which turns a prospect into a client.

Once we had completed the brochure we were able to complete the project by building a website which pulls together all the aspects of the project to provide an effective online presence.

All our websites are compatible with mobile devices and are written and constructed to be SEO friendly. Each month we send our clients a report which highlights how their site is performing, how well it ranks for their specific keywords and also that it is clear of malware, being backed up regularly and has the latest software versions to ensure that it is secure and available to their visitors at all times.

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