Background: Like many companies Papico had had a website for many years that explained who they were and their experence. You could say it was a paper industry website, however it was not a paper industry customers website… a subtle difference. 

Need: Papico needed a website that expalined what they did as a business but from the perspective of how they could help their customers to get more from the products that were available, how they worked technically and how Papico could help the paper industry as. awhole by bringing different elements together.

Solution: The first part of building a solution was to identify who the customers actually were. This took many hours of work with the senior managemnt team to identify how the business help individual sectors of the industry. Once we had identified the 3 sectors, people who use paper, people who sell paper and people who buy paper, we were able to take site visitors on their individual journey to the resources they needed.

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