Pollard Optical

Needs: Pollard Optical were looking to update their existing Yell based website which was out of date and did not get maintained.

Solution: After discussions with the client it became obvious that they had an immense amount of expertise in the manufacture of high quality lenses for spectacles. Although a complex subject they are able to mix this knowledge with a high level of customer service; putting their patients at ease and making sure they have the most optimum product for their needs.

We looked at creating a modern clean looking website that was focused on people but still supplied an area containing blogs about new products for those who are a little more interested in the technicalities. This build uses a content management plan where we will liaise with Pollard Optical to ensure they are constantly producing new blogs which we will post for them. This allows them to concentrate on their daily business while ensuring fresh content to keep their Google rankings high.

We also worked with our photography partner Freya Raby Photography to capture everyday life at Pollard Optical, again focusing on the people.

Testimonial: To Follow

Visit them at www.pollardoptical.co.ukĀ 

Images by Freya Raby, www.freyaraby.co.uk

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