Precision Plan Drawing

To the untrained eye architectural drawings are just mind boggling lines on a page, or simply a guide for contractors to ensure they don’t forget to build little Charlie’s bedroom.

On the surface this is true, but we dug a little deeper. Somewhere between the foundations and the earth’s core there is a place of real substance, where futures are moulded and spaces are created.

‘We want to be taken more seriously and look more professional’ is a phrase we hear every other day. It would be easy for us to produce a professional looking logo, but that’s not what we do here. Sitting down with Liz, it was clear they did so much more than putting lines on paper. Their burning passion for changing the lives of the families they work with was clear.

We found that place between the foundations and the earth’s core in the hearts of Precision Plan Drawing.

When the curtains close on each project, a new space has been created, a place for families to grow and enjoy sits where the missing pieces once were.

We set to work creating a brand identity and marketing materials that reflect their desire for a modern, professional look and bring their core values to the surface.

As they say when you buy a drill, you’re actually buying the hole you’re drilling…

When you have plans drawn, you’re creating a space.

Testimonial: “Thank you for working with us to re-brand our business. You really have made the invisible visible.” – Liz, Precision Plan Drawing

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