The Ranch Tattoo Studio

Tumbleweed, cowboys, whiskey, banjos and cattle grazing under a red hot Tennessee sun… Stereotypically.

Tony Pearson (owner of The Ranch), wanted his business to be everything but the stereotype. “I want it to have class, rather than look like a cheap steakhouse.”

Working closely with Tony, we visited the studio to get a feel for it and remove any preconceived ideas we had.

Picturesque views of the Yorkshire countryside, recycled Jack Daniels bottles and characterful wooden features, it was the perfect setting for a ranch. It was easy to see why Tony had chosen the name; we were inspired from the moment the soles of our feet met the fitting saloon-like floors.

As we mounted our horses and headed back, we discussed our ideas and over the next few days the project began to take shape.

Producing an appropriate logo, alongside various marketing materials we were able to showcase the working style and professionalism of The Ranch whilst ensuring we had encompassed Tony’s initial vision for the business.

Since opening their doors, The Ranch has gone from strength to strength, now employing three resident artists, as well as holding regular guest slots for some of the best tattooists across the country.

Testimonial: “I recently opened a new tattoo studio and had to create a new brand. I had the idea, somewhat inspired by the premises we were moving into, to call it The Ranch and style it as a Tennessee style ranch, though I wanted it to have the look of a decent class establishment rather than a run of the mill tattoo studio or to make people think it was a cheap steakhouse.

The end result was fantastic and even better than I had imagined. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew and his team to any local business owner for their brilliant design work and advertising expertise.” – Tony Pearson, Owner of The Ranch

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