In The Spotlight: New Moon Nursery

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Design, Marketing, Websites

“Starting a new project is one of the sweetes things.

It’s like the first blank page of new notebook.”

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh


“If no one hates it, no one really loves it”

Ahh… The satisfying ping of a new enquiry dropping into your inbox.

Even more satisfying when the ‘Where did you hear about us?’ section says – ‘Internet Search.’ After giving our SEO guru a pat on the back, we responded to the enquiry and a routine discovery meeting was scheduled.

The initial brief was to produce a brochure for New Moon Nursery – a private day nursery based in Castleford. It was clear from the initial meeting how they wanted the business to be portrayed and our style guide was their existing website, which was aptly playful; featuring rockets, planets, stars and aliens.

We set to work on designing an initial concept, using the website as inspiration for the look. Having designed a variety of covers and a few internal spreads, we felt the initial concepts were ready to be presented, so we did just that. As a designer, it’s always a nerve-wracking wait to have your work approved by a client, especially when it’s something you’re personally rather pleased with.

PAgeSpeed Graphic
Captain Scott Caching Food

“Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.”

Frank Chimero

Ooh… That ping again, feedback had arrived in the inbox.

Though the concept reflected the current website, it had prompted a change in how they actually wanted the business to be portrayed. A more simplistic, modern approach was now on the agenda, along with the realisation that perhaps the Nursery had reached a point where a complete overhaul of the branding and website were also required.

Over the last few of months of 2018, we worked closely with them to redevelop their brand identity, rebuild the website, and of course finish the brochure that this journey was triggered by. The final logo was a development of various concepts combined, giving a fresh new identity to the Nursery as they move into their 10th year in business.

Now that the new identity was approved, we could make a fresh start on the brochure. The final brochure couldn’t be further from the initial concept and previous website. Though that is the case we can rest assured that the Nursery have received final products that they are truly happy with and will stand the test of time.The redevelopment of the website was next on the agenda. Keeping consistent with the Nursery’s new identity, we produced a new site which was approved and ready to go live for New Moon’s big relaunch in January 2019.

They now have a fresh and consistent image that is helping them to stand out from other nurseries, whilst showing how they work to create a supportive and trusted environment for young children. They are already receiving positive feedback from parents and within a week of the site being launched they saw an increase in enquiries and online interest.

Visit the site here:

The Cutting Room Floor

No project is complete without the concepts and ideas that didn’t quite make the cut. We like to produce a good variety of concepts to ensure the client gets a final outcome that is right for the client.

Here is a selection of the logo ideas that paved the way to the final outcome.

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