There’s so many reasons to move your business more online and we will look at some of these reasons in this article.

When we talk about moving your business ‘more’ online that could mean a few different things. You might want to start scaling down your ‘real world’ operations such as a shop, or on the other hand you might want to expand to create a version of your business that is just online. We’ve seen this done in lots of type of businesses.

We have worked with a bar to move online, during COVID, to start selling craft beer nationwide. Which in turn helped increase the sales and profitability for the microbreweries that they worked with. We have also sucessfully worked with craft jewellery makers, lighting wholesalers and many more.

Do You Have A Future Plan?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about moving your business more online and have a future plan and know what needs to be done, but you’ve not yet put the wheels in motion for one reason or another. Or it could be that you keep trying to think of ways to do more business online but the thought of updating your website or creating a new one sends shivers down your spine!

If these points sounds relatable, keep reading!

Why Should You Move Your Business More Online?

Since lockdown we’ve loved seeing some of the innovative ways that businesses who didn’t have an online shop or presence have created new revenue streams by moving their business online or adapted their existing business to sell online. We even had a local bar (that had to close because of restrictions) commission us to create them a new website so they could start selling their beers, wines and spirits online, which is something they would never have even thought about pre-pandemic.

Of course, steps like these often involve pushing boundaries and trying new things, but as the saying goes ‘magic happens outside of your comfort zone’!

So, let’s set a familiar scene. You’ve got a website. It’s mostly up to date. Potential customers can see everything about your company and your products/services. At best they can fill in a form for you to contact them (nobody ever does). But they can’t sign up to anything, they can’t buy anything and if they visit out of hours there’s not really any way for you to turn them into a customer.

Ultimately, you’re losing customers which is sacrilege when you’ve worked so hard to get them there!

Benefits Of Moving Your Business Online

  • Find New Customers
  • Reach A Wider Geographical Audience
  • Makes It Feasible To Work From Anywhere
  • Sell Products And Services Out Of Hours
  • Create Extra Revenue Streams
  • Gives You A Competitive Edge
  • Possibility To Create Recurring Revenue
  • Can Reduce Operating Costs

We could go on but you get the picture!

How Do I Move My Business More Online?

It’s not as hard as you think…you just need a plan and a good web development company to help you of course…wink wink nudge nudge!

So why not book a ‘Make My Business Visible’ call with us to discuss ideas on how you can get your business more online or make your dreams reality!

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