Building A New Business Website Checklist

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When it comes to building a new business website there is many important factors to consider.  As part of the pre-planning stage, it’s useful to have a your new business website checklist to hand. This will ensure that your website works for you and that you meet all of your business objectives.

New Website Checklist

We’ve put together this New Business Website Checklist to help you get a website that works for your business.

So, by taking the time to work through this new business website checklist you can help to eliminate issues that may arise later into the website build.

Existing Website Audit

First of all, if you have an existing website it’s useful to carry out an audit of it. Check if there’s anything you want on the new website.  Think about things like the design, lead magnets, blogs, news, product pages etc. On the flip side, if there is anything you don’t really want then now is the time to say.  However, don’t get too hung up on your old website…there’s a reason you’re having a new one!

Branding & Design

Branding is a massive part of a website.  Are you happy with your existing branding or could building a new website be your opportunity to give it an overhaul?  When it comes to design it’s always useful to create a mood board of some websites that you like the look of…or any you really don’t!

Objectives For New Website

There’s probably many reasons you need a new website.  List them all down. Keep sight of them all throughout the project. But, before you sign the final version off, make sure all your objectives have been met.

Write Content That Speaks To Your Target Audience

It may sound simple but there’s so many websites out there that just don’t connect to their target audience.  They talk about features not benefits.  They don’t address the pain points of potential customers.  Imagine your perfect customer has landed on your website. What would you want to say to them?  What action do you want them to take?  Remember the useful little AIDA model – Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.

Call To Actions

One of the main objectives of a website is to convert visitors into customers. Therefore, you need to use Call To Actions (CTA’s).  There’s no point writing all about your products or services and not telling people what action you want them to take.  Your website should have clear, compelling Call To Actions.

Don’t Let Them Leave Without Capturing Their Details

It’s hard work getting someone to visit your website, be it through SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, social media etc and it’s almost criminal to let them leave without knowing who they are.  There’s various ways to do this but one of the most effective ways is to use a Lead Magnet.  A Lead Magnet is an incentive that you offer to visitors in exchange for their contact information and permission to market to them.  This could be a money off voucher, a free download, exclusive content or another valuable freebie.

Content Management System

It’s important to know what Content Management System (CMS) your website will be built on.  All our websites at Visible Thoughts are built on WordPress. We know that you’re employing the experts to build your shiny new website because you don’t have the time or ability to do it yourself.  However, from time to time you might need to add some new content such as news or a blog or you might just need to make some amendments.  So, for whatever reason, you need to make sure the content can be easily changed by you or someone within your business, this will ensure changes can be made swiftly and without additional costs. We offer updates as part of our maintenance packages.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Undoubtably, SEO plays an important part in getting websites found.  At this stage you SEO might not be part of your website marketing plan, but you need to be mindful that whoever is building your website ensures its SEO friendly.

Google Analytics
Once your website is live you need to monitor its effectiveness.  There are several ways you can do this, but Google Analytics will provide you with data as to where your visitors are coming from, what pages they are visiting, how long they are staying on your website and lots more valuable information.  Ensure your website designer gives you access to this platform.

Website Launch & Marketing Plan
So now your new website is exactly how you want it you need to make sure it’s found.  In short, not having a website launch/marketing plan is like having a beautiful brochure printed and keeping it in your desk drawer.  Thus, there are many ways to market your website including social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, paid advertising etc you just need to find out which the best ones are for your target audience.

 This new website checklist will help you on your way to having a good, effective website.  Our FREE e-book “A Business Owners Guide To A Profitable Website has more resources that you will find useful when planning your new website project….download now!





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