There’s an unthinkable number of websites live on the world wide web today. 1.88 billion in fact. Of course, you want YOUR business website to be found by your target audience.  Which leads to the classic question “How can I make my Website Visible On The Google?” but we prefer to think more broadly with “How can I make my Website Visible On The Internet?”. By focusing purely on Google many people miss a larger and easier target to capture. But where do you even start to make your website visible on the Internet?

In this latest blog we give you some ideas and inspiration to get you started. Having a website and not carrying out marketing activity to drive traffic to your website is like having a beautiful marketing brochure printed and keeping it in your desk drawer!  You can’t just sit back once your website is live. You need to take action to make it visible.

How we see it here at Visible Thoughts, is that your website is at the centre of your marketing efforts. All other marketing activity should be sending traffic to your website in some way. 

What Can I Do To Make My Website Visible?

Here’s a list of activities that you can do to make your website more visible on the Internet:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The first step to getting your website found is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is all about using the right keywords on your website to help you to get found and ranked on search engines such as Google. This will enable your target audience to find you faster.  All websites should be built with SEO in mind and content written to be SEO friendly.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great tool to market your business.  Your strategy should include posts that link back to your website.  You should also have a Facebook Pixel embedded onto your website so that you can capture data of the people visiting your website to enable you to market to them through Facebook’s paid advertising platform. That might not be something you want to do right now. But you might in future. By getting the pixel installed you can start to build the data in the background which, if you’re doing your marketing right, should be of your target audience. 

Email Marketing

If you have an email marketing list, sending email campaigns can be one of the most useful methods to keep in touch with your customers or to target potential customers, whilst driving traffic to your website. Often emails are sent out with further information being available through clicking a link to your website.  These links can be tracked so you can see who’s interested in what you’ve got to say and take the appropriate action.

Blogging & Content Creation

Writing blogs and good content can position you as an industry expert. There’s so many ways and places to publish content that you’ve created.  These methods also help with SEO, gives you content to post on your social media channels, is great for sending to your email marketing list, and again is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Advertising through Pay Per Click is a way to promote your products and service online where you pay every time someone clicks your ad.  The idea would be to either direct the clicks to your website or sometimes a specific landing page. 

Offline Marketing

There’s loads of ways of marketing your business offline from printed literature, TV or Radio advertising to exhibitions, one of the goals should be to drive traffic to your website.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of ways to make your website visible on the Internet, however we believe that these are a good starting point.  Like all areas of your marketing, you should be testing and measuring to see which methods work for your business.

If you need any help or advice get in touch with our team. We’ve also created A Business Owners Guide To A Profitable Website that you might find useful simply download here.

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