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Background: Martin Haynes Eyecare is an independent opticians based in the market town of Shrewsbury. Martin Haynes Eyecare is well established in the area and has been in existence for over 40 years, providing high quality service and advice to their clients. Recently the business was taken over by the team that runs Pollard Optical, in Yorkshire, who are an existing client of ours. If you have not guessed, we love doing website design for opticians.

Needs: We were asked to assist with updating the online presence for Martin Haynes Eyecare and better represent the range of glasses and new services that they offer. The old website was focused (no pun intended) on the history of the business rather than it’s services, products and how it can help its customers.

Solution: As the business was now being run by the same team as Pollard Optical, we were able to use some of the same approach as we had with that website. We had a proven track record with presenting the business and making sure that it had effective Local SEO.

We started by reviewing the services that were to be offered to the Martin Haynes customers, both new and old, taking into account the geography and demographics of the physical location of the Martin Haynes Store. Our aim was to ensure that although the services between the two opticians would be the same and the managemnt team deliverying them was the same, the customers whould have their own specific needs and expectations.

The resulting website uses heritage colour to reflect the history of the 300 year old building that the store is located in as ensuring that the pages are approachable and targeted at people of all ages.

Visit them at www.martinhayneseyecare.co.uk

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