In our last few blogs, we’ve touched on the subject of the power Subconscious Marketing and we promised that we would write an article to get you thinking about your own business and how you could use this way of marketing to grow your business.

What Is Subconscious Marketing?

First of all, let’s talk about What Subconscious Marketing is. In simple terms Subconscious Marketing is all about cleverly planting seeds in a prospective customers mind, to buy from you or take another specific action. It’s a way of manipulating the brain and seducing the mind! Now doesn’t that sound interesting?!

The Subconscious Mind

There are 3 levels of the mind. The conscious mind, the preconscious mind, and the subconscious mind.

As this is a blog about Subconscious Marketing and not a lesson in the Science and Psychology of how the mind works, we’re going to keep this quite simple and relevant!

The Conscious Mind is where the rational decisions happen. It’s the place where logical thinking is applied, and any decisions are not taken lightly. They are made on purpose.

The Preconscious Mind is where the thoughts you aren’t actively thinking of are kept, but can be called to the conscious mind easily when triggered.

The Subconscious Mind is quite the opposite of the Conscious Mind. Rationale goes out of the window. Emotions are triggered here. It’s where we are easily influenced. The decisions are made without actively thinking about them and without conscious control. Which is why it’s useful to use in marketing of course!

How Subconscious Marketing Works

It’s all about the psychology. Gerald Zaltman of the The Harvard Business School, suggests that up to 95% of buying decisions are in some way influenced by our Subconscious Mind.

When a business is targeting their audience, they will drip feed subconscious marketing messages. The subconscious mind registers the marketing messages and stores them away while building familiarity.

Then when the opportunity to buy comes and the business wants the prospective customer to take action, the product or service is presented and because the business now feels familiar to them, they are more likely to make the sale.

This might be done over a period of time and through using a variety of marketing channels, or just in one marketing touch, such as a marketing email, a social media post or a landing page. Either way the marketing messages are drip fed to warm the Subconscious Mind up ready for it to take the desired action.

Our minds are wired for survival and act upon instinct. The aim of Subconscious Marketing is to identify what goals, objectives and challenges the target market have and create a marketing campaign to trigger the subconscious to act upon instinct.

If the Subconscious Mind recognises something that can help it achieve its goals, it reacts positively. The aim of marketing is to evoke emotion and generate an emotional response. This then triggers a decision to fulfil the goal. In other words, to make the sale or take the required action.

Psychologists have found that the goals which direct much of our behaviour are often activated by our Subconscious Mind.

What Motivates The Subconscious Mind?

The eight factors that motivate people on a subconscious level have been identified by a marketing agency called Beyond Reason.

They are:

Certainty – we dislike uncertainty and favour stability

Belonging – we want to belong to a community or group

Recognition – we like to be valued

Individuality – we enjoy customisation and like to think we’re being given free will

Power – we want to master something, or have influence over something

Self-development – we want to broaden our knowledge and get better

Sex – we all have this very raw human desire, but this can also mean intimacy in more platonic senses e.g. family, friends

Physiology – we have base bodily needs to look after

If you’re creating a marketing campaign using Subconscious Marketing then be sure to refer to this list.

Why Use Subconscious Marketing In Your Business?

Once you understand it, Subconscious Marketing makes so much sense. You know the saying about getting to ‘know, like and trust’ a business before you buy, well this is just another way of doing just that, albeit a bit of a slicker way. And don’t forget…nobody likes to be sold to but everyone likes to buy!

Quick Subconscious Marketing Tips To Use On Your Website

Use plenty of Call To Actions

Choose the right colours

Use trigger phrases such as free delivery, limited time only, only one remaining, early bird offer

Give a deadline to buy and use a countdown

Trigger emotions

Use trust logos such as recommended by, partner of, member of etc

Here at Visible Thoughts, we are sure that we can work with you to help you to get the best from your marketing by using Subconscious Marketing Techniques. Not only will your business benefit but it will give you the chance to learn more about marketing and help you develop the skills you need to attract more customers to your business. To join the Visible Thoughts family of growing business just click on this sexy link !!!!

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