The topic of having a professional logo is something that continually crops up in many conversations with existing and prospective clients. So in true Visible Thoughts style, we thought we’d write a blog about it!

We work with many different types of businesses, from start-ups with no logo at all, to established businesses of all different sizes, that may or may not of had their logo created professionally.

Some of these logos are great…others really aren’t!

The Disadvantages of Using An Online Logo Maker

These types of tools are readily available, easy to use, free or low cost but will probably end up costing you more in the long run!

Many businesses, particularly start-ups, have used these online tools to create their logo and have encountered many difficulties along the way such as:

  • Not owning the Intellectual Property to the logo
  • No access to the original files in the correct format
  • Unable to match the brand colours to use on and offline
  • Other businesses having very similar logos

The Importance Of Brand Identity

In a recent blog we discussed the importance of brand identity and having a professional logo is paramount to creating your brand identity. But it’s only a small part of the bigger picture.

Essentially, a logo is the mark that you put on things that represent you and the things you produce. Like the old-style brand that was put on the cattle in all those old cowboy movies.

Apple Computers have a logo. It’s an Apple! It’s probably one of the most recognisable logos in the world but that logo is only a small part of the image that they portray – sleek lines, tactile, high quality, cutting edge, part of your life, must have, simple to use etc. All those things are represented when we see the Apple logo, but they are not the logo itself.

A Logo Is Not Just About Design

It’s a real misconception that a logo is just about design. It’s not. Your logo is a combination of everything your business and brand stand for, and the image and personality you want to portray.  There’s so much to be considered.  Your logo consciously and subconsciously impacts potential customers and believe it or not, should evoke emotion, thoughts and feelings…I think that could be a future blog topic!

How Do I Get A Professional Logo?

Firstly…don’t use online tools!  You might think the logos they produce look professional. But they have no way of reflecting your brand in the ways we talked about above. 

One of the things we hear people say is ‘I can’t afford a Logo Designer’ but when your logo is often the first thing a potential customer uses to assess your business…can you really afford not to use a Logo Designer? 

Having a professional logo says so much about your business values too.

At Visible Thoughts our Logo Designers know how to express emotions, thoughts and feelings through effective brand identity We can create appealing logo’s to represent everything about your business….we even have a process with some weird and wonderful questions we ask prospective clients!

To find out more about our work on Brand Identity and Logo Design take a look at our page dedicated to it or even better get in touch and we can help you over a cup of coffee.

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