To some it may seem obvious that your website is crucial to the success of your business.   To others their website ticks a box…at best!  In this article we look at the reasons that you should be treating your website with importance and why it is a key part of your business success.

Is Your Website A True Reflection Of Your Business?

We see many businesses that have a website that’s very much ‘disconnected’ from their business. It isn’t a reflection of what’s going on in the real world.  Do you look at your website and are satisfied that any online visitors get the same experience as your offline businesses?

Here’s some points to consider:

  • Is your messaging, right? Are you getting all your key marketing messages across? Remember those elevator pitches?
  • Can visitors see and find out more about key personnel? In ‘real life’ potential customers build relationships with these people and this plays a big part in winning sales…it should be the same online. Make your staff visible on your website!
  • Do you have all your products and services listed and are all your images up to date?
  • Have you got clear next steps that you want potential customers to take? Otherwise known as Call To Actions!
  • Is your design and branding correct?
  • Have you got a news or blog section that is updated regularly? This shows visitors you’re active in your business
  • Do your product or service descriptions match how you would describe them offline? Do you talk about features or benefits?
  • Does your website look pleasing on the eye? Remember it is still your online ‘shop’ even if its not an ecommerce website.
  • Is the language and tone you speak on your website relative to your offline tone?
  • Is your website part of your overall business and marketing plan? Have you set goals and objectives for the website? If not…why not?

It looks like we have a list of future blog topics there too!

Make Your Website Part Of Your Business Success

How many websites have you landed on that don’t tick all the boxes above and therefore you’ve moved onto the next? 

Your website should reflect your business in real life as much as possible and it should be kept up to date as a top priority.  Done correctly your website is crucial to your business success.  It should have the ability to attract new customers, convert potential customers and be a source of new leads and sales…hence being part of your business success.

As we always say, it takes a lot of effort to get someone to visit your website…don’t let them leave without taking action.

Is your website the best it can be? If not, give us a shout!

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